Is the future of investing to be feared? Interview by Dr. Mariana Bozesan on The Investment Turnaround


In this podcast with Dr. Bozesan of AQAL Capital, I share some of the most advanced vertical development tools that I use with clients. I have supported AQAL Capital to implement the Theta Model with the organizations they invest in, specifically within the context of integral team building and leadership development.

The Future of Leadership: Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit


This is a “Big Idea” presentation to hundreds of executives at a Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. It gives an overview of the Future of Leadership and vertical development. See this article for further details.

Leadership For Conscious Capitalism: Interview on The Amiel Handelsman Show



  • 7:00 Developing inner capacities is the leading edge for sustainability

  • 13:00 Whispers from the future

  • 20:00 The power of vertical learning

  • 33:00 Highly conscious leaders are different from Level 5 leaders

  • 43:30 Later stage leaders who eject themselves from organizations–or reengage in new ways

  • 49:00 What kind of narrative are you choosing to create?

  • 51:30 Barrett’s practices: meditation, action inquiry and Bulletproof Coffee!

Conscious Leadership in Action: Interview on Waking Up the Workplace


In this interview, I discuss my PhD findings on how deeply conscious sustainability leaders work with complex change. This research shows how some of the most sophisticated leaders in the world adapt and respond to our world’s most vexing social, economic and environmental challenges.


How highly conscious leaders engage in the problem of sustainability: Interview by Ken Wilber on Integral Life


In this remarkable, in-depth discussion, Ken Wilber and I discuss my research on “Conscious Leadership for Sustainability.” We explore the extraordinary overlap between leadership, sustainability, and the highest reaches of adult development. So, how are such highly conscious leaders engaging the problem of sustainability? What sets their thinking apart from most other conventional approaches? Listen to this dialogue to find out.