The “why” behind Apheno Advisory


In order to create a future that works for all, we need leadership that can handle the thorny, complex challenges we face today. It isn’t guaranteed that we’ll be able to effectively address our local, organizational, and global problems and ensure that people and nature thrive. Depending on how consciously we collectively respond, we'll land somewhere between a utopian Star Trek or a dystopian Hunger Games. 

Unfortunately, there are already powerful people, organizations and governments on the Hunger Games track, where predatory power, crony capitalism, and ecological destruction prevail. Yet there is also a rising tide of leaders, companies, investment groups, NGOs, foundations and political parties who are purpose-driven, impact-oriented, and are actively cultivating a flourishing future for all stakeholders.

These include organizations committed to global movements such as Sustainable Capitalism, Conscious Capitalism, Integral Investing, and The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Through Apheno Advisory, I support the leaders and teams of forward-looking organizations like these to deliver on their vision. I do this by helping them access and develop the advanced mental, emotional, and relational capacities needed to navigate today's uncertainty, rapid change, and complexity. 

In sum, I enable conscious leaders and teams to drive deeper impact by becoming even more self-aware and effective in the face of significant organizational, social, economic and environmental challenges.