the future of leadership for conscious capitalism

A classic article in the fields of vertical development and Conscious Capitalism, used in the Yale MBA program and executive development programs worldwide. “This is immensely important work that every leader…should engage in.” - John Mackey, CEO, Whole Foods


The future of leadership for sustainability - Part 1

Originally published in Kosmos Journal, this two-part article goes deep into who we are being challenged to become in order to create a sustainable and just world that works for all.


The future of leadership for sustainability - part 2

This part of the article describes high-impact sustainability leaders who have cultivated advanced capacities of mind and heart, lighting the way for the rest of us.


sane leadership in a crazy world: Essentials of complexity leadership

A cheat-sheet about complexity for leaders and change agents searching for less zaniness and greater clarity about how to navigate rapid change, complex environments and the need for constant creativity.


systems thinking in action: A primer

You are already a systems thinker to some degree. This article helps you further discipline your mind to see the wholes, patterns of change, and relationships, while letting go of the fragmentation, silos and those old-school, linear ways.