Accelerated development for individual and group leadership

These advanced abilities of mind and heart make them more effective, wise, and authentic, empowering them to lead successfully through complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.

I draw upon an approach and system successfully used in some of the largest multinational corporations, as well as mid-market companies, nonprofits and government agencies.

The Leadership System™, combined with 20+ years of leadership development expertise, enables me to support multiple cohorts of leaders simultaneously – in a cost-effective way for organizations – to accomplish significant development.

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Integrated components for systematic and synergistic leadership development

The Leadership System consists of interlocking components that reinforce each other and cultivate deeper, faster development with leaders than any single-component approach.

This system draws upon the power of a robust 360 assessment, leadership effectiveness workshops, peer coaching, regular mini-surveys of peers regarding performance improvements, and one-on-one coaching.

The longitudinal design of these cohort programs, combined with immediate application of content to leaders’ most important work, ensures strong uptake and retention of the key concepts.

Antelope Canyon | Photo by  Paulius Dragunas

Antelope Canyon | Photo by Paulius Dragunas

Pre-work diagnostics

Prior to beginning the program, each leader takes The Leadership Circle Profile™. This offers a comprehensive x-ray into their leadership through a 360 instrument that evaluates them on 18 creative competencies and 11 reactive dimensions.

Employees across the organization also take The Leadership Culture Survey™. This contrasts the current leadership culture with the desired, optimal leadership culture, and suggests directions forward.

Breakthrough projects

I complement The Leadership System with a focus on breakthrough projects for leaders. These are high-impact, high-value initiatives that each leader - or a group of leaders - focuses on and uses as the platform for their transformation.

When leaders make a true breakthrough on a tough strategic or operational issue, they build considerable confidence. Such projects also tend to drive significant benefits to the organization as well in the form of impact, reputation, profitability and new opportunities.

The breakthrough project methodology I use was developed by my long-time collaborator, Dana Carman. It is field-tested and has consistently supported teams to deliver systemic, strategic change around critical initiatives.

One-on-One Coaching

As part of these programs, I and a cadre of other coaches versed in vertical development work with each leader. Our regular sessions (1 or 2 times a month) focus on supporting and challenging leaders to upgrade their inner game in service of the outer-world impact they envision.

The value and payback for leaders - if they are willing to engage fully – is always worth the investment. The combination of one-one-one coaching with peer cohort coaching in the Leader to Leader sessions is catalytic, and rapidly accelerates their development.

* The Leadership Circle Profile™, the Leadership Circle Profile-Manager Edition™, Workshops, and the Leadership Culture Survey™ were developed and are owned by The Leadership Circle®.