Conscious Leadership and Team Development for Purpose-Driven Organizations

A wise and strategic mind, authentic and caring relationships, and an ability to deliver deep, sustainable impact. Purpose-driven organizations – from global corporations to international non-profits and mid-market companies – partner with me to cultivate these essential qualities in their leaders and teams.

Barrett's unique combination of deep knowledge, expertise, thoughtful design, effective facilitation, and caring heart come together to provide exceptional value. I've collaborated with him on a variety of projects over the past 10+ years and appreciate his consistent ability to help develop leaders, executives teams, and whole organizations. His future-focus orientation helps leaders anticipate the moves required now in order to thrive in increasingly complex environments.

— Adam Leonard, Leadership & Organization Development, Google



Leadership Development cohorts

Building leaders’ competencies and consciousness for greater impact

The most effective organizations ensure leadership development is a key strategic focus. Organizations with the most foresight prepare leaders to skillfully navigate complexity and change through vertical development. This empowers them with both an agile and systems-thinking mind and enhanced emotional intelligence.


Alignment, agility and resilience for high performing teams

Complex matrices, conflicting perspectives and values, competing commitments and high pressure to deliver impact, not just results: These are a sample of the difficult terrain for teammates in purpose-driven organizations. Rather than breakdown and be reactive, train your team to creatively breakthrough so they can tackle your thorniest strategic challenges and deliver on your stakeholder commitments.

Executive coaching

Big vision requires deep growth

Purpose-driven and impact-focused leaders accelerate and catalyze their growth with a development partner that fully meets them: Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Someone that they can be messy in their thinking with, who will challenge their first principles and mental models, and support them with the scaffolding, tools and maps required for self-transformation. This deep 1:1 time is the heart of my work with leaders.


Essential Reading

“This article by Barrett Chapman Brown clearly shows who we need to become in order to create a prosperous future for our companies and the world. This is advanced leadership that will enable us to thrive in tomorrow’s complexity and rapid change. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their leadership – and their impact – to the next level.” — John Mackey, CEO Whole Foods


A call for long-term capitalism

A brilliant article by Rand Stagen that incorporates my work and lays the business case for both the long-view and the consciousness development of leaders.


Leadership Books That Draw Upon My Work