the big idea in 233 words

You have capacities within you that are phenomenal, if you only knew how to release them. 
- David Bohm, quantum physicist & neuropsychology researcher
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Never before have we faced a more challenging, fast-paced and complex leadership environment. To thrive as an organization in the 21st century requires unprecedented leadership capacity, agility and execution.

At Apheno, I guide leaders to recalibrate and upgrade their internal operating system (their mindset, cognitive and emotional intelligences), resulting in quantifiable improvements in leadership effectiveness, impact and team performance.

I specialize in the science of vertical learning which is the state of the art in leader development. Cited as the #1 trend in the future of leader development, it was developed at Harvard, Berkeley, Stanford and other leading institutions, and has been furthered by my own research.

Vertical learning is at the heart of elite leader development programs in the US military and intelligence communities, Olympic athlete training centers, high-tech companies and progressive NGOs.

Vertical learning has proven to unlock significant mental, emotional, and relational abilities. These make leaders more effective across mission-critical domains, including strategic and systemic thinking, change leadership, collaboration, stakeholder relationship development, and conflict management.

A well-designed vertical learning program can accelerate the natural evolution of a leader’s cognitive, emotional, and interpersonal abilities by 3-5x, supporting them to better lead the transformational change organizations need to adapt and flourish.

My approach integrates advanced findings in neuroscience, adult development, and peak performance. It deeply strengthens any leader's ability to make wiser and more timely decisions, adapt to highly-complex, ambiguous, and rapidly changing contexts, and pass these benefits on to the entire organization.